Shopping in Flores; we found coffee!

Oh yes, we got a tip that there’s a good supermarket in the next village so we decided to go check it out. It doesn’t look much, but they’ve got lots of variety and also more fresh food in there! We went all in and felt very spoiled to get fresh apples, pears, salad (!), eggs, yoghurt, grounded coffee (hurray!), black tea (they mostly sell herbal teas here), and canned tomatoes.

Anders outside "The green store"

Anders outside “The green store”

What was surprising though was that they were out of onions the first time we went, but we did get several pieces of nice garlic. And we found some good frozen fish, and some minced meat so that Anders can make his Flores version of Chili con carne.

Shelves filled up with fresh ingredients after the boat arrived

Shelves filled up with fresh ingredients after the boat arrived

Wivan found ground coffee

Wivan found ground coffee

So, just a few minutes away by car, we all of a sudden found several variations of grounded coffee, and two or three different black teas, as well as fresh fruits that are not bananas 😉 And earlier this week the boat came in, so the shelves of this particular store were totally packed with fresh goodies.

"French style" food storage - in the closet!

“French style” food storage – in the closet!

Don’t think we’ve ever been so happy after a round of shopping, it felt very good to get things we like to have in the kitchen, especially the fresh ingredients, and a little broader variety, even though we like the game of cooking with few ingredients. And know what!? We even got coconut milk! And sunflower seeds. Wivan’s totally happy!

More joyful cooking ahead!

// Anders and Wivan