Shopping in Flores, part 2

Oh yes, this will be a series of posts, because to us who grew up and have lived so many years in a country where the regular supermarkets are extremely well equipped, being here on the small island Flores is teaching us a lot.

Anders likes to drink orange juice, but as we wrote the other day, the boat with fresh ingredients only come in twice per month and all stores don’t carry all types of foods or drinks. But, we did find one sort in the small supermarket near our place. It’s a tree-pack with a straw attached to each of them:-)


Um Bongo

And when it comes to coffee, it seems very difficult to find grounded coffee. Either we find four different sorts of whole beans, or we find fifteen different kinds of Nescafé. Wivan now thinks it’s a fun mission to keep looking in different supermarkets to see if she can find grounded coffee, otherwise we will switch back to Nescafé which used to be our fix before the Bialetti moka maker we bring along.


Bialetti moka maker

So what do we learn from this? To adjust and adapt to our current situation. And know what?! It works fine!

// Anders and Wivan