Getting closer and looking ahead

Where the baby will sleep (we think)

It’s less than a month until we get to meet our baby for the first time, and we have prepared some things at home. Like the little sleeping nest next to our bed.

For two and a half weeks I’ve been resting, due to high blood pressure and to avoid preeclampsia. So, the bed/sofa, kitchen and bathroom are places most likely to find me – no longer walks, no shopping trips or buzzing around like I am used to. (and, with this bump I’m not really able to do as much physical activity either…)

38 weeks pregnant

The first week of rest was a bit stressful/challenging at times – I am used to doing things the way I like and to move around a lot. But now those feelings have settled and I am a lot more ok with relying on the help of others and taking several naps during the day.

View from the sofa

Even though we think and plan quite a bit for the baby’s first time in life, we’re also thinking a bit further ahead. If everything goes well and the baby is healthy, what would we like to do/have/be a bit further down the road?

Our house and fire place on Aspö, outside Karlskrona

We have thought quite a lot about travelling more, both in Sweden and to other places. And driving around in an RV (Recreational Vehicle) has been on our minds a lot. Seems like a good way to be travelling and yet have some comforts of a place of our own. This past weekend we did a bit of research on caravans as well, maybe that would suit us better?

Our biggest concern though is how to make it work for us since we don’t really want to park on big camp grounds but rather in smaller places or in nature. But, this is still just on a dream or research level, so we’ll figure it out. And another good thing is that it’s possible to try and see for ourselves how it works, it does not have to be forever!

Yesterday’s little outing – feeding the chickens

A list of 100



Yes. We’ve done this. A list of 100 things we want to give, recieve or experience. And it’s fun! It takes some time, and it surely takes some soul searching when you’ve come a bit down on the list.

As we’re packing up things in our house we find bits and pieces of the work (or playful soul searching) we’ve done the past years in order to find out more about ourselves, our dreams, goals, visions and who we truly are.



Both of us have been journaling a lot through the years. Not always in a date-to-date manner, but taking lots and lots of notes, writing down thoughts, fears, happy moments, relationship issues and tons of other stuff. Among some of all those notes and books we’ve found a few different and updated lists of 100 dreams/wishes/goals.

If you want some inspiration, here are two examples we found online.

Laura Vanderkam’s list of 100 dreams.

Belinda Vesey-Browns list of 100 on Pinterest.

Should you get started on your own list of 100 dreams and would like to share parts of it, we’d be very happy to hear about it!


In searching for inspiration and pictures to this post, we stumbeled across this story about Donna, 38, who was killed by a hit-and-run driver. In her pocket the police found a list of things she wanted to accomplish in her life.