Clearing out and looking inside

Beautiful light in the morning

A few days ago I watched the last episode of a television show called Naked (Naken in Swedish), where four people do a month-long experiment where all of their belongings are taken away from them and they get to take only one thing/piece of clothing back per day during the 30 day experiment.

It has been interesting to watch, especially what happens to these people when mobile phones and other distractions are taken away from them. And how they get creative in new ways when there is something they want but don’t have money.

The sky…

It has also been interesting to see, hear and follow one of the participants who felt depressed when the experiment came to an end and she was about to get all of her belongings back. She had found out things about herself and her life and simply didn’t want to go back to her old life.

And two months after the experiment was over, she still lived accordingly to some of those insights – no social media and less time with distractions and more time living in the moment. She hadn’t been taking a selfie or been in a picture in two months! (before the experiment she was constantly online and chatting, posting pictures etc).

View from my morning walk

This woman inspired me to delete the Instagram app that I’ve been addicted to lately – as an experiment during my two weeks off from work, just to see what it feels like. I’ve been off Facebook for a year and a half and haven’t missed it at all, and now I am ready to try and live a bit more away from other people’s updates for a while and simply spend more time with myself and the people and things I meet irl.