Back together


Saturday afternoon

After 23 hours of traveling from Frisco, Colorado to Malmö, Sweden, I did a pit stop at a friend’s house before going back home to Anders.
This was a genious move in order to get a headstart on the jetlag. I was alone in my friend’s apartment and simply went to bed early, with ear plugs in and slept rather well till the next morning.
Then I was ok to go on the train to Karlskrona.


Train ride from Malmö to Karlskrona

After visiting grandma for a couple of hours, I finally went home to Anders. After 3,5 weeks apart it was so nice to get back together!


Sunday "fika" in the sun

It’s been 18 years since the first time we met (in person), and we’re still excited to live together, to grow and expand as people – and yet we have that core between us, that spark and love that’s kept us together through high and low.


Beautiful Swedish summer

It’s been a couple of days with long walks, talks and good meals together. It’s two weeks until I start working again, and it’s great to have some time just for us.


Flowers and rocks

Ciao for now,

You can learn from it


Beautiful bike ride from the cinema

After a intense week of preparations (and I have only done a tiny bit of it) before my nephew’s graduation yesterday, tonight I was inspired to go see a movie that just came out.

This is so rare for me, I can’t even remember last time I was at a cinema.

My pick tonight was “Alice through the looking glass”, and as I love the movie “Alice in Wonderland” I had looked forward to this one.

In the new movie, Alice travels in time and as she meets Mr Time himself, he tells her “You can’t change it but you can learn from it”, when talking about the past.

That’s what I love about the Alice movies, there are many great quotes and lots of wisdom in the middle of the fun characters, the imaginary scenery, hidden messages and all the colors.


Biking to the movies in Silverthorne

Going for a date on my own is something I really appreciate, though I might not enjoy it as much if it was something I did every day.
Tonight it was perfect; great company (myself) and I loved spending time alone with the person I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with.


Rainbow in Silverthorne

To take the bike rather than driving certainly was a hit tonight.


View from the bike path

Graduation yesterday was lots of fun and the party afterwards was delicious and filled with interesting people.


The class of 2016 at Summit High School

After a weekend like that, I think all of us who are here together have enjoyed a day of less preparations and more “in the moment”.


Dessert after graduation


Gift table and high school diploma


Vip seats

It’s been another great day to be alive and I wish you the best for the week to come!
Xoxo// Wivan

The bright side of life


Walking to the gym in Frisco

After returning to Europe from Asia last spring, I’ve been dedicated to getting in better shape and really making sure to move my body. I want to be a strong, flexible person without too much physical pain.
Being in the Western world makes this dedication easier for me as a woman. In many places we’ve been it’s not very common for women to work out or walk for exercise. And I have at times felt uneasy about men staring at me when out walking or stretching.


Third session in Frisco

Also, the tropical heat of places we have been haven’t really helped the spirit to get even more sweaty or tired.

So, in Sweden I have enjoyed being at the gym – one in our home town Karlskrona, and one in the city I work in; Kristianstad.
And now, I go to the gym where my brother and his family goes. A small place with not so much people this far. It works very well for me.


The metrics are different

This is one of the fun things (and sometimes tiring) of traveling; to find places and ways to keep on doing things you like and/or want to do, wherever that may be.
A tricky thing when going to a gym is finding the equipment you want, or figure out how many pounds a kilo is, or how to adjust the planned session to what is possible at this particular gym.


Rowing machine, one of my favorites

Anyways, it’s nice to have the possibility to do this for myself, and to feel I am getting stronger for each week. And to enjoy the perks of being physically able to work out, to have grown up in a part of the world where women are allowed to do things and are respected.

Take care and stay safe.

Beauty and sunshine in Colorado


My nephew fly fishing in a stream

Yesterday was another beautiful day with great weather and lots of different activities. In the morning my sister in law and I biked to the next town to get bagels.
Unfortunately (or not) I forgot the phone at home and didn’t get any pictures, but the ride was SO beautiful along a lake with blue sky, mountains and only a little traffic.


Getting ready to go fishin'

In the afternoon I went to hang out with my nephew when he was fishing, and I even got to borrow those water-proof pants and everything! I didn’t fish, but felt very professional anyways ;).

Those who knows me well know I have a thing for dressing up in full gear to get a complete experience, and I become like a kid who proudly wears a little Police shirt or a fire fighter’s hat.


My hat for fishing...

So even if I only walked out into the stream once, knowing I had those special pants and boots was enough.


My fisher guide

It was nice to hang out with this 18-year old boy whom I’ve known since he was a baby, but haven’t always seen very much of.

Jetlag is getting in better control. Today I didn’t wake up until five!

Make it a day worth remembering.
With love,

3.37 jetlag


Early Friday

The first night here in Frisco, Colorado I woke up at 2 am after about four hours of sleep. Jetlag.
This last night I didn’t wake up until 3.37, so it’s going the right way.


Beautiful sunrise behind the mountains

The cool thing about getting up unneccesary early is to see the sun come up.


Through my bedroom window

The town of Frisco is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains with beautiful views all around.


Even the parkings have a view

Since we’re on high altitude (9000 ft/2700m), it takes a few days to adjust, and needs a bit of caution not to get sick.


Went for some shopping today

It’s great to hang out with the family here, and to be part of at least some of the preparations for next weekend’s graduation party for my nephew.


Early Friday pic

Take care! // Wivan

Early flying bird


Stretch before take off

Went to bed early last night, and woke up at 4 am and couldn’t really go back to sleep. It’s ok though, I’ll gave plenty of time to nap along this trip to Denver.


New bag tag! #pride

Started the day with some stretching and a little exercise, and a light breakfast. Super smooth to go from my friend’s place to Copenhagen airport Kastrup; in one hour after leaving her place I was checked in and had passed security!


Belt off for security check

So now I am having my second breakfast and it’s more than an hour and a half before take off.
Might go to the “family area” for some stretching and playing ;).

Have a fun day!