After breakfast

Sunrise, before my breakfast

This Thursday holds many possibilities, as most days do. Sometimes we might forget all the possible things to do, be, have or find – because we are busy planning or thinking about plans.

Now I have had vacation for almost two weeks, been at home all the time and enjoyed sleeping until the daylight comes – no alarm clock and no routines, just take the day as it is. Still there have been some planning going on: when to visit grandma, what day to go to the gym, calling to a office-person on certain hours and celebrating New Year on the exact day and time – that takes planning!

Coffee grinder

This morning I remembered what one of our friends in France use to say when we ask what’s on today’s schedule.

– After breakfast, he says.

No decisions until he’s had breakfast. Of course, he does have days that are planned: going to the market on Saturday or when friends are coming for dinner etc. But when it’s a blank day in the calendar, it’s always ‘after breakfast’.

Green breakfast smoothie with banana, spinach, avocado, raspberries, water, chili and ginger

Before breakfast today I took a walk and decided to not make any plans until I had eaten my breakfast. So here I am, finishing up my coffee, rice cakes and smoothie – with no idea of what comes next in this day.

Bialetti coffee maker doing its job

I love to play in life – not always being so serious or “grown up”. This too is a way of playing: to see what really wants to unfold today.

My morning meal is almost finished and I am excited to find out what comes out of this day!


Early flying bird


Stretch before take off

Went to bed early last night, and woke up at 4 am and couldn’t really go back to sleep. It’s ok though, I’ll gave plenty of time to nap along this trip to Denver.


New bag tag! #pride

Started the day with some stretching and a little exercise, and a light breakfast. Super smooth to go from my friend’s place to Copenhagen airport Kastrup; in one hour after leaving her place I was checked in and had passed security!


Belt off for security check

So now I am having my second breakfast and it’s more than an hour and a half before take off.
Might go to the “family area” for some stretching and playing ;).

Have a fun day!

At the beach 6.30 am


Kuta beach early on a Sunday

Anders woke up super early (4.15 am) and a bit later we decided to walk to the beach to see what it’s like at sunrise and before the sun bathe and surf action starts.


Good morning sunshine!

We were surprised and happy to see how many people were already there; walking their dogs, running, meditating, working out, fishing, talking, playing and enjoying the sunny morning.


Happy couple

It was so good to feel the sand a bit cooler than in the middle of the day, and to be able to walk along the coast barefoot in the water.


Natural art in the sand

Even before the sun came up, it was warm enough to just wear a t-shirt and shorts – well, that’s how it is all night long.


Low tide

After walking along the beach we were ready to have some breakfast and found a “food scooter” (basically a scooter loaded with food and coffee) and bought rice with chicken and chili sauce to go.


Breakfast with a view

Again a very tasty meal to a reasonable price: 10.000 Rupiah per portion = ca € 0.65.


Empty streets on the way TO the beach

When walking to the beach, the traffic was not at all as busy as usual, and many of the shopping streets quiet and empty. On the way back most things were as we’re used to by now – crowded and noisy.


One of many little places for devotion

It was so nice to be able to see how different it is here depending on time of day, and great to get out early in the fresh air.

Now, we’re back home and ready for a little rest.

Anders and Wivan

Prepared – I think


Rice cakes

Yesterday I had a terrible blood sugar dip while we were out in the city, doing some shopping and sightseeing.
For that not to happen soon again, we got some extra snacks to be prepared for our upcoming trip.


Dried fruits and nuts

Up till a few years ago, I often had these terrible dips of blood sugar that basically makes me turn into a monster – an unpleasant experience not only for people around me but also for myself.


Chia seeds to save the day

This has gotten a lot better, but yesterday was a reminder of how things used to be every now and then, and also showed the importance of me taking care of my basic needs wherever I go. (yes, I did try to be on Anders’ eating schedule for a while yesterday and it didn’t suit me very well – something we both got a very clear picture of…).

So, off I am to get some breakfast and then we’re ready to meet the world!


Breakfast in box


Oooops! The first pic wasn't saved

It was a fresh and yummy smoked salmon wrap with lots of green salad. And a bottle of pear juice. So glad I found something savory and this good this morning, ’cause now my brain seem to have shut down a bit.


Lisboa airport

It’s Friday morning, right? No, I try to remember it’s Tuesday. Is it?
Had a big time-confusion last night where I was one hour off, and luckily that was discovered before going to bed… Otherwise this morning wouldn’t be about breakfast and trying out skin care products in the Tax Free shop.


A favourite 'sample'

See, this is something I love doing; (Anders thinks it’s a bit funny) I sample luxurious skin care products and make sure to try them on my legs and arms, and the face = free high quality products before flying.

This is something I started doing when I flew frequently to Helsinki in Finland some years ago. Haven’t started doing manicure or full make up in those shops, but some nice smelling lotion works perfect as a little travel-treat.


Through security and then some body lotion

Brain shutting down; not so strange, haven’t been around this much people since over two months. Have to slowly adjust to busier life after those quiet months on Flores.

Enjoy your day and remember that it’s Friday today. Or Tuesday.
Doesn’t matter, today it’s time for my re-entry to Sweden.

❤ Wivan


… this is what a morning looks like for us at Flores.


View over the southern part of Lajes

Today we brougt our breakfast up the mountain “behind” our village.


Sunshine with a view


Lucky was most excited about our morning tour

Usually Wivan is the one getting up first, while Anders is the one staying up late at night. This morning we got up at the same time and left the house before 8.30.


Our picnic lover #1


Enjoying the sun and the view

It’s something special to get out on a sunny morning like this. We’re grateful to be here and to catch some of the moments that show up.


Morning coffee above sea level

Off to the Azores

It was an early start, alarm set on 3.30 am, and then a 10 minute walk to the Blagnac airport in Toulouse. We’re so early not even the shops or cafés are open yet. Lucky we had some fruit left in the bag.


Free wifi at the airport

Soon time for Paul to open, and maybe, just maybe, we grab a coffee before boarding.

Enjoy your day! Next time we write will be from the island of Flores.
//Anders and Wivan


Paul coffeeshop at the airport