Updated love story


Kissing älgört at Näsby fält

One thing I like so much about Kristianstad is the closeness to nature.


View over Näsby fält

Parts of the surroundings are biosphere reserves since the grounds are kept open by cows, and this area is known for the cooperation between man and nature.


Fresh air, beautiful evening

After a day of work, this little outing in beautiful nature, sunshine and fresh air was totally spot on.


Brown legs

Being outside is a source of energy and usually works as a reboot for me.



Flowers and green does magic to both the brain and the body.


Happy girl

Look who I met!


A snake - a real one!

Yeah, I have a funny story of me seeing several snakes on a walk in the woods some years ago, and my spontaneous reaction then was “Oh, a fake snake! That’s odd. “.


Inspiring and energizing

So, I’m in love. Again. With nature, with the city Kristianstad and with myself for giving myself these kinds of experiences.

How was work? Fun!