Seven days and counting

Agua Castello, sparkling water

Agua Castello, sparkling water

Now it’s seven days until I leave this beautiful island Flores in the Azores. Next Monday I’ll meet the house- and dog owners we’ve been sitting for and after talking to them and leaving the keys I’ll be on my way to Lisbon and further on to Sweden.

So, tonight I decided I’ll have one Agua Castello, Anders’ favorite sparkling water, per day until I leave – there are seven left. That’ll be my count down calendar.

Not that I really want to leave, but it’s kind of good to “see” how much time is left. Before Anders left we were already talking about wanting to come back here, it’s such a lovely place for people who like beautiful nature and quiet places.

Trying the sand in Fajã Grande

Trying the sand in Fajã Grande

Surely, I long to meet my family and friends in Sweden and we have things we want to do.

Lingongrova with cheese - I know Anders will have a few of those

Lingongrova with cheese – I know Anders will have a few of those

Anders has now settled down in the room we get to stay in close to his work place in Lund. He’s also picked up and driven his new motorcycle and seen parts of the family and a couple of our friends. Tomorrow will be his first day of work in seven months.
(He happened to spill a drink on his pants and the green sweater, so his kind hosts have helped him to clean it up before work).

Today I tried these natural pools in Fajã Grande

Today I tried these natural pools in Fajã Grande

There are certain things we’ve been talking about wanting to do, see or eat when in Sweden. And Anders has now started on that “list” in his first few days. Heard he was a bit tired after meeting and talking to all these people, suddenly being in a totally different environment after two rather quiet months out here on Flores island.

Me? I’m a physical person, and I have one thing in mind when I think of friends and family:

hug you

And I look very much forward to having a cup of my dad’s hot chocolate, and for someone to cook me a meal.

Tonight I’ll hug the dogs, but I won’t trust them to cook for me ;-).

// Wivan