Packing dilemma


Some of the last things

We’re getting ready to move on from Kuta to Amed and I just said “something needs to be done”.

Our packing is rather full, especially now when we only wear light clothes and flip-flops instead of the pants, shoes, sweaters and other warm stuff on our way here.


My two backpacks

It’s fun though, because what we carry now has let us span from summer in Sweden to surf camp in Portugal, a motorcycle tour in Sicily, a week in Greece, late summer with animal care in France, to warm Bali with snorkling gear and climbing shoes. And we have work out-clothes and running shoes, plus we’re ready to meet spring in Colorado.

In here there are also documents, tablets, first aid kits, computer, yoga mat, coffee makers and water bottles. We have already gotten rid of so much stuff, so what we bring along really are our favourites.


Anders' bags

But, when it’s getting hard to close the backpack, and when we’re thinking it’s a bit heavy to carry, it’s time to do a little adjustment. So, we’ve started thinking about it and discussing pros and cons. Let’s see where we end up with this.

Next time we post something, it’ll be from a place closer to the beach!




Chia seeds, buck wheat, chlorella, wheat grass and fruits

Usually when we stay someplace, we buy a little food for the time we’re staying, trying to avoid too many leftovers or things that never gets used.

Maybe you remember my post from Flores in June.

Anyways, it’s really hard to make sure food and time are even by the time we’re leaving. Usually we leave some food for the owners or we give it away to someone else. My mom has recieved lots of interesting stuff by now!


Crisp bread

And I tend to bring a little something in my bag. Like the flax seeds from Flores – that exploded in the backpack while flying. A good surprise when unpacking!

This time I have, again, done pretty good at not having too much food left when it’s time to pack up. But some things will be brought to Portugal on Sunday. Like the chlorella and wheat grass powder, some chia seeds and coffee.


Lavazza coffee


Evaluating packing after 6+ months

Recently we celebrated being on the road for six months in a stretch. On November 2nd last year we moved out of our house, and on the 5th we drove from Sweden down to France.

A few weeks ago Anders brought up the question of our packing.

If you could bring anything, regardless of size or possibility to pack it, pick one thing from what we used to have in our house to bring on our future travels.

Some of Anders' music equipment

Some of Anders’ music equipment

The “exercise” was to see if there’s anything we miss so much, or that would be possible to find a solution to, that it would be worth trying to add into the packing or to arrange at future destinations.

Wivan came up with two things: the Vitamix blender (super cool high-speed blender), and our own bed.
Anders had one single thing he’d love bringing along: one of his guitars.

Wivan's Vitamix blender - now adopted by her mom

Wivan’s Vitamix blender – now adopted by her mom

After some consideration, Wivan realized she actually doesn’t want to have a blender in her packing, and the bed, well, that’s another story…

Anders has started looking at different options of smaller guitars that one can bring a bit easier than the big fancy ones.

So, what things/clothes/gadgets in our packing do we treasure the most?

Anders in his hoodie, Fjällräven pants and flip flops

Anders in his hoodie, Fjällräven pants and flip flops

The high-quality clothes I wear every day: Fjällräven trousers, Icebreaker hoodie, Teva boots, Ullfrotté socks, and Hängmatta yoga pants. Not to mention the flip-flops from Reef with a built-in beer opener!
I am also happy for our tech-stuff: the HP-computer that’s like an entertainment- and connection center. My portable PlayStation Vita game, the waterproof Sony smartphone for photography and reading.
Apart from that I like to have the little Bialetti Moka Express to make great coffee wherever we are.

Wivan's famous orange trousers and grey wool sweater

Wivan’s famous orange trousers and grey wool sweater

The basics: high-quality clothes, jacket, boots and socks. Quality is King!
My thin yoga mat and the nail mat, Yantramattan.
The coffee-maker, definitely one of my favorites! And my waterproof Sony tablet that I use for reading books, blogs and other things. Scarves – used as blankets, over-pants-skirts and pillow covers.

Conclusion: We don’t have many things or clothes we haven’t used or will get rid of when packing for coming trips. Maybe some things will be exchanged for a clean, fresh version rather than the sweaty and stinky ones we’ve used daily since almost seven months…

Some things just don't get fresh any more...

Some things just don’t get fresh any more…

Stay fresh! // Anders & Wivan

What to wear?

When we first got to the Workaway host we’ve stayed with for a week, we were told to “dress for painting tomorrow”. And we were thinking… What do we actually have that can be used for painting?

Dressed for painting

Dressed for painting

The thing is; our packing is rather compact, since we’ve got all of our clothes and belongings in a backpack each. We do have the car, wich opens up some bonus possibilities, but still, the clothes are limited.

Anders in his 'painting gear'

Anders in his “painting gear”, and also a helping paw…

We found out we’d be good in our relax/yoga clothes. So Anders is wearing his brown pants from the Swedish brand Hängmatta and a t-shirt from Craft. And Wivan’s using her comfy-pants bought at a Spanish market last spring and an ecological singlet from Kapp Ahl.

Anders and the dog having a little break

Anders and Benji having a little break


For outdoors, these clothes work as well, and Wivan likes taking her rain-pants over the blue comfy’s to stay dry. And we’ve got our really good boots to put on and thereby stay dry and are good with pretty much any type of work or weather.

Us in the middle of an outside working day

Us in the middle of an outside working day

Wivan started using her “fine long sleeve shirt” for outdoor work, since the wool-jacket wasn’t an option. And that’s just it, things and clothes need to have more than one function in order to really work when travelling. We’re learning by doing.

Today we’re spending the day in fancy Nice, probably taking the train to Monaco. And our outdoor-clothes, with pants from Fjällräven, will be the choice of the day. Everything can be used for any occasion, as long as you remember a trip like ours is not about fashion… 😉

Enjoying some painting

Enjoying some painting

//Anders and Wivan

Bring out the backpacks

It’s great to see how “old” belongings still are in shape and good condition. I bought my blue Haglöfs backpack in 1997 when I graduated from high school and it’s been a good travel companion ever since. Now it’s got some small flaws but all in all it’s still fitting me perfectly and is in really good shape.


Bags getting ready for new adventures

Bags getting ready for new adventures


Anders bought his black ShoSho from Haglöfs a few years later. They had changed their logo by that time, but it’s the same foundation as in my backpack. I’ve got a female version – meaning that it fits us who are a bit shorter and need the waist band placed in another height.

He has had his backpack both for transporting clothes and a computer back and forth from his work on the motorcycle, but also for skiing trips, hikes and vacations.

Now we’re planning on just having our backpacks and maybe one smaller bag each for the upcoming trips. So we’re playing with a packing list. What do you really want to bring when space is limited, the destination is unknown and you don’t know when you’ll get back?

// Wivan