October and still almost summer

Playtime outside

What a long, warm and sunny summer and autumn we have had this far! It’s still very warm in Southern Sweden and we could probably count the number of days when warm clothes have been needed.

Still so many flowers

Exploring with all senses

Our daughter is now a bit over 8 months, and what a journey it is to become parents, to raise a small child and to get to know a new human being. She is so much fun, we could never have imagined that!

In Ronneby!

Since baby Louise arrived we haven’t done much travelling, only one trip to Gnesta south of Stockholm and one small get-away to Ronneby! That is what we have felt like, and it’s so nice to give our little one a calm start in life.

At a Indian restaurant in Ronneby

We are now in the middle of a renovation and construction of our house on Aspö, and we are glad to have such mild weather still.

Roof is now on!

Though we sometimes have thoughts of what we would like to do differently in our day to day life, we just discussed how “this is what life looks like right now” really is about accepting what is. No need to try and change what is, but rather be grateful for what is good and remember how lucky we are in so many ways!

Louise training as a dog-sitter!

Live like a monkey


Sunrise with the monkeys

Just outside our room is a large mango tree. The fruits are not yet ripe, but to the monkeys the fruit taste just perfect and they come daily to feed on the green fruits and sometimes being noisy and let us know they’re here.
This morning I went outside before six o’clock because the monkeys had given me a wake up call, and I wanted to take the chance see the sunrise.


Monkeys in the mango tree

This has been one of the best experiences during our winter in Asia, to live so close to a group of wild monkeys and get to see them daily. To see the babies play in the top of a coconut tree, to almost step in monkey’s poo, hear them chatter, see them carefully climb out on the limbs to grab another mango, being able to watch them from only a couple of meters away.


One of the monkeys

To the owners, the monkeys are a bit too hungry – there probably won’t be many mangos left when they’re supposed to be ripe. We’re thankful for the opportunity to see these smart, fast, flexible little monkeys live their lives just outside our door and enjoy their company a lot!