October and still almost summer

Playtime outside

What a long, warm and sunny summer and autumn we have had this far! It’s still very warm in Southern Sweden and we could probably count the number of days when warm clothes have been needed.

Still so many flowers

Exploring with all senses

Our daughter is now a bit over 8 months, and what a journey it is to become parents, to raise a small child and to get to know a new human being. She is so much fun, we could never have imagined that!

In Ronneby!

Since baby Louise arrived we haven’t done much travelling, only one trip to Gnesta south of Stockholm and one small get-away to Ronneby! That is what we have felt like, and it’s so nice to give our little one a calm start in life.

At a Indian restaurant in Ronneby

We are now in the middle of a renovation and construction of our house on Aspö, and we are glad to have such mild weather still.

Roof is now on!

Though we sometimes have thoughts of what we would like to do differently in our day to day life, we just discussed how “this is what life looks like right now” really is about accepting what is. No need to try and change what is, but rather be grateful for what is good and remember how lucky we are in so many ways!

Louise training as a dog-sitter!

Staycation mode

We’re working on our staycation skills at the moment. Enjoying the summer and possibilities close to home.

Beautiful view after a evening swim

Over the past months it’s been so warm and sunny that we have gotten into a routine of staying in the shade or inside to keep our baby, Louise, safe and sound.

Walking home with groceries

But staying home, inside behind curtains, has gotten a bit dull. And now Louise is a lot stronger and more stabile, so we’ve started to challenge ourselves to a little more adventures. Or at least to get out and meet the world little by little.

Clouds (!) at the beach the other day

Also, the change of lifestyle when having a baby has made us realize how much we have been out and about before. How easy it has been to take a bike ride, going for a dip in the ocean or cook dinner.

Next summer she probably won’t be as still!

Anyways, this has been a good time of reflection and to start and understand how fast things changes with a baby. From one week to the next it can be totally different.

Ferry ride home last week

Beautiful evening walk

Today we will meet some friends and stay in the shade with some coffee and food. Staycation is a good way to enjoy the close-by places!

Our current situation:

Want to write a short update on what’s going on with these two life travellers who’ve been parked in Sweden for almost a year now.

Karlskrona a few weeks ago

  • Still in Sweden
  • Anders is recovering from years and years of mental and physical stress
  • My new work-contract is until 1:st of March 2018
  • Two homes: Kristianstad and Aspö
  • Have started our second round of IVF (assisted conception)
  • Live a lot in the “unknown” when it comes to planning and trying to control our situation, energy-levels, time schedule and activities 
  • Focus on living a good and joyful basic life where sleep, fresh air, physical movement, reading, eating good food and taking care of our relationship are the keys

    My bike today…

    Skating om the lake Immeln a few weeks ago

    January walk by the water on Aspö

    Aspö in January

    @home weekend


    Sheep cup of coffee

    Saturday morning, have had my breakfast and read some blogs, getting ready to go to the gym and then visit grandma and see how she’s doing.


    Sun on the ferry yesterday

    What a nice feeling yesterday; to come back home to Anders after a couple of nights away when working in Kristianstad. And to land back on this island of Aspö where we stay now. I love it!


    Sunny evening

    Today I am a bit tired, it’s been a couple of intense days with lots of people, conversations and many hours in front of the computer.

    Grateful for being able to take the day as it comes – no strict plans!


    The love of my bike


    Reunited and still in love

    To be back together with loved ones surely is a treat. Tonight the bike of my life and I did our first real ride in nine months. Still a perfect match.


    Bike ride in slight rain and head wind

    This bicycle is specially made to fit me; size, purpose and components. And it does. I am so glad we’re back together and look forward to coming adventures!

    ❤ //Wivan

    Picture update

    The midsummer pole broke...

    The midsummer pole broke…

    Last Friday we celebrated Midsummer Eve here in Sweden, a tradition that many people like and it’s even a national holiday.

    The Midsummer pole after the re-set

    The Midsummer pole after the re-set

    We spent the Midsummer weekend with parts of our family at Wivan’s mom and extra dad’s place on the island Aspö outside the city of Karlskrona.

    Our "Flores pannacotta"

    Our “Flores pannacotta with berries”

    A rainy ride on the ferry to Aspö

    A rainy ride on the ferry to Aspö

    The nights are bright and long in the summer in the northern parts of Europe. Even though we’re in southern Sweden it’s only a few hours that are dark during the nights.

    The governor's recidence in Karlskrona, at 9pm

    The governor’s recidence in Karlskrona, at 9pm

    Afternoon walk

    Afternoon walk

    It was a bit funny on Midsummer day, when we took a walk and met so many others out walking – like it usually is also on Christmas day and New Year’s day.

    One of many beautiful views

    One of many beautiful views

    Fresh strawberries, they're so tasty!

    Fresh strawberries, they’re so tasty!

    On a boat ride... Wivan caught in the life west and could hardly move

    On a boat ride… Wivan caught in the life west and could hardly move

    Anders on the boat - without getting sea sick!

    Anders on the boat – without getting sea sick!