From Amed to Lovina, north Bali


Our driver Kari picked us up

This morning it was time to go further north, and then west to reach Lovina on the north coast of Bali. We had heard that northern Bali has less tourists, and not as much development as southern and eastern parts.


A mountain we passed

It was a nice trip, mainly along good roads and with the same driver as last time. We got to see many people, scooters, small shops, ocean views and different trees along the way. Here in Bali it’s rather common to not only rent a car, but also a driver, and this far we are more than happy to do so. Traffic here runs on the left side of the road, and it’s often busy with lots of things happening at the same time, and the signs of where to go are rather hard to find, if there are any.


"Our" street in Lovina

To turn off the main road through Lovina, onto the smaller street with the house we’ve rented, was like coming to another world. A narrow, rather quiet little street that reaches down to the ocean eventually.


View towards the mountains

Arriving here, we came to the Bali we had thought of and hoped for all along. A place where it’s possible to walk without being run over or all the time have heavy traffic passing, and the ocean is close by.


On the beach to have lunch

The main road still is rather loud with lots of motor vehicles, but there are side-walks!


Watch your step!

Yesterday we were lucky to find a super nice place to rent for five nights, a little more expensive than what we had in Kuta and Amed, but it seemed to be very nice. And it is!


We have a private pool!

The last two stays here in Bali costed ca €20-22 per night (for the both of us), and this one in Lovina about €34 per night. This and the last place includes breakfast, free coffee and tea during the day, and staff that manages everything around the house and helps out with booking of trips, driver, massage etc.


Our front door

Here we have an entire two-bedroom villa with a private pool all to ourselves. And there’s a few work-out machines, two bathrooms, and tomorrow morning we will go with the house keeper to the local market to buy ingredients for her to cook us a Balinese meal, so we can learn how to. This is something we’re very excited about!


The small outdoor kitchen

All in all, we’re more than happy and have both been like 10-years old when splashing around in the pool, enjoying our own little place!

Warm greetings from Lovina,

Anders & Wivan


From Kuta to Amed


Rice fields along the road

The drive was a lot longer than we had thought and luckily we had a good driver and comfortable car to ride in.
It was so nice to see more than just city views during the way from Kuta to Amed here on Bali.


At the water temple

Kari, the driver, asked if we wanted to see a water temple and when we said yes he stopped at Taman Tirtagangga to show us around a bit.


Water garden below the temple

In many places it seems like the tourists only get to see parts of the temples or gardens, and traditional clothing is usually required. So we looked at the garden and the beauty of it, and then went on driving.


Stepping stones above the fish pond

Since we had some language difficulties, we didn’t get much information about the place as such but rather just enjoyed being there.


Welcome juice at our stay

We were very happy to come to our little inn where we’ll stay until Sunday. It’s right on the beach, quite simple and super friendly owners and staff. All of a sudden we were playing with the owners’ baby, and talking with the dog.


A coral reef just outside our stay

From our room it’s about 50 meters down to the water, and a bit further out the reef is ready to greet us when snorkling. The water here in the bay of Amed is warm. Really warm and one can lay down and relax floating without getting cold.


Sunset behind clouds and mountain

The sunset was beautiful to watch, and to sit on the beach at night, listening to live music in the dark was truly an awsome ending of the day.


Ready to sit down

We are so grateful for what we have and what we get to experience along our life, and for all the people we meet.

Until next time,
Anders and Wivan