First day in Flores island


Coast of Flores

It’s overwhelming to see how extremely green and dramatic the landscape of this little island is! We’d heard about it, seen pictures, but to see it with our own eyes is something totally different. Just the flight in over the island yesterday was an experience, and then the drive from the airport to “our” little village, Lajes.


Lajes this morning

After arriving yesterday afternoon, we were picked up by the neighbor of our host, and got a ride to one of the supermarkets to get some groceries, and then a little sightseeing tour by car. The total trip took us about 14 hours from door to door, but we were in the air for only a little over five (!) hours. Tonight we will meet the dog we’re sitting the coming two months: Lucky.


Airline " SATA, The Atlantic and you"

We’re staying on the island for about two months and still haven’t booked the tickets back. This coming summer we’re staying in Sweden and since Anders needs to get back a little earlier than Wivan, it’s good we haven’t booked any dates yet. And, we’ve learned more about the booking of travels to these islands, so we’ll probably be able to cut the costs with about half by doing it a little bit different:

On our flight out here, we booked all the three tickets at the same time via Momondo. The price was a bit higher than what we’re now looking for when going back to Sweden in late May or early June. For this time we will order tickets from Flores to Lisboa separately to make it cheaper. We plan on staying one night in Lisboa before flying to Copenhagen with the budget airline Norwegian and take the train to Sweden.


Green and lots of flowers: Flores island

By doing this, we can choose tickets for dates that have lower prices and match them by staying one night in Lisboa. Sure, to stay overnight can cost a bit too, but on the other hand, we get to see a new city!


One of the supermarkets in Lajes

Today we have focused on resting and to settle in a bit in our new home. We’ve also been on a walk to find one of the supermarkets in the village to get some extra things we forgot yesterday. Promise to tell you more about the shopping here on the island in a later post!

Take care! // Anders & Wivan


On the plane yesterday