Podcast interview with Wivan


Charlotte Rudenstam and Wivan

Three months ago I was interviewed for a Swedish podcast by Charlotte Rudenstam. Her aim is to talk with people who love life. Today the episode with me was released and I’ve been listening to it during a long walk here in the country side south of Toulouse where we stay.


Walking and listening

It was nice to hear our conversation, and to hear the calmness and joy in my voice. Sorry, the interview is in Swedish, but if you understand our language you can listen to our talk about traveling, nature and the meaning of life here.


100 posts later: Thank you!

After posting the Update of our first week in the Azores, we realized it was our 100th post on our common blog. Congratulations to us for keeping it up, and Thank you! for reading, following and commenting on the blog. We’re so grateful to have all of you readers, supporting and cheering on us during our journey.

100 posts later

100 posts later

The first thing we posted, in june last year, was simply a Welcome to all readers. Back then we thought we were going to buy a company in Spain, move there and well, have a house and run a company. That didn’t happen, instead we have spent the past six (almost) months house sitting, taking care of other people’s property and pets and got to travel in both France, Egypt, Turkey, Spain and now the Azores.

Pink sparking wine, back in France...

Pink sparking wine, back in France…

What we wrote in that first post still is true to us:

Making a change doesn’t have to mean that you sell your house or quit your job. It doesn’t have to involve breaking up with your spouse or change the colour of your hair. It means what it means to you.

Our belief is that sharing stories is a way to help each other on the way to wherever wer’re going.

Silly hats on in Cairo last Christmas

Silly hats on in Cairo last Christmas

So, wether you’re new to this blog or you’re one of the oldies – is there something you think we miss out on writing about? Are there certain things you’d like to know, hear about or see pictures of? Please let us know! You can e-mail us on: anwisandberg[@]gmail.com

Thanks again! Looking forward to hearing from you.

xoxo // Anders & Wivan