It’s summer and I love the colours of June in Sweden!

Grateful to be able to go outside, take a breath of fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun. 



Sometimes joy is found in the most simple things: a new episode of your favourite tv-show, a moment of stillness watching the colours in nature, something good to drink or a call from a loved one.

Today is one of those days. The little moments of joy and pleasure, like taking a nap when you’re really sleepy. What a luxury.

Gratitude, joy, and loving life.



This beautiful little word with three c:s, two a:s and two e:s. And one t, one p and one n.


Anders last Saturday

Today two people, both named Anders, have reminded me of the importance to embrace, love and cherish the word: acceptance.

Even more so to take in the meaning of the word.

I guess it can have slightly different meaning to all of us, or change depending on our current situation and status.

A highland cattle that Anders met on a walk today

On the cards with different mental strategies for mindfulness I have, it says:

If you have problems; change them or let them be. Don’t start an inner fight against them. Don’t make them heavy or solid – they are what they are.

Ever heard of making a hen from a feather? Well, let’s say it is often easy to look at “problems” or obstacles as if it’s huge. But with a broader perspective it becomes smaller or even dissapears.

Anders and I on a walk

Is there something in your life you could look at from a different angle to see it from a greater perspective?

With love,


Saturday and a slow start

Breakfast in bed

It’s a bit special for me nowadays to wake up and have breakfast at home. Usually, during work-days, I get ready quickly in the morning to be at work before 5.30 am. My breakfast is prepared the night before and I make my own coffee to bring in a thermo-cup to work.

I love my work hours, It’s no problem for me to get up in the morning and to get off by lunch is awesome – especially during winter so I can get some daylight in the afternoon.

At the gym in Colorado last summer

Saturdays and Sundays though are a nice break, and I love to start the day in another tempo, and without rush.

Often I think of going to the gym on Saturdays, but I get stuck with a book, coffee and relax by the breakfast table instead. Or prioritize going for a walk.

Poster on my niece and nephews’s school

Earlier in life, I was often picturing a more free life where I could spend my time however I wanted, without stress. And over the past years I have lived just like that a lot more.

Even now, when I work full time, I feel rather free most of the time, and I know it has a lot to do with my attitude towards priorities, “musts and shoulds”, how I think about time and also that I feel less stress over what others think of me and rather look to what I need and want.

As I write this, I see how far I’ve come on my personal journey, and how rewarding all the coaching sessions, reading, deep thinking and looking at my less charming thoughts and behaviours have payed off. For this I am grateful.

So, I’m ready to go out and meet  this day with curiosity and love and I hope you are too.

Love, Wivan 

Our current situation:

Want to write a short update on what’s going on with these two life travellers who’ve been parked in Sweden for almost a year now.

Karlskrona a few weeks ago

  • Still in Sweden
  • Anders is recovering from years and years of mental and physical stress
  • My new work-contract is until 1:st of March 2018
  • Two homes: Kristianstad and Aspö
  • Have started our second round of IVF (assisted conception)
  • Live a lot in the “unknown” when it comes to planning and trying to control our situation, energy-levels, time schedule and activities 
  • Focus on living a good and joyful basic life where sleep, fresh air, physical movement, reading, eating good food and taking care of our relationship are the keys

    My bike today…

    Skating om the lake Immeln a few weeks ago

    January walk by the water on Aspö

    Aspö in January

    Small things that are great


    Midsummer eve

    Yesterday was Midsummer Eve, and a lot of Swedes celebrated the light, life and summer.
    In the night, after dinner, Anders pampered me with a pillow, blanket, great coffee and chocolate when we sat outside in the shade.


    Ready for a swim

    It was one of those moments when it becomes so clear how valuable those small things are, and how useless it is to live in either the past or the future.



    On Monday I start working at the radio station in Kristianstad again, eight weeks of summer job. And now I have also signed to continue working throughout January next year. Goodness, we haven’t planned this long ahead for ages. But now it’s time, and of course I have had thoughts of “where and when will I find a place to live during work weeks?”, “how will it be to work full time?”, “what will my weeks look like?”.


    Picking Elder-flowers for lemonade

    Last night, in the bright summer night under a blanket and with peace inside, I just understood how useless those thoughts are. There are certain things I can do to prepare, but most of “what will it be like…”, is still to experience. There’s no use to think too much about it, because in a few months I will know from experience.


    Chillaxing in the shade

    All my life I’ve been wondering what it’s like to have glasses. Now I know, since I’ve got my first pair and have started to practice wearing them. And I guess I could never have imagined it being like it is. So why spend time on it before it’s even happened?


    I feel a lot more good looking than the pictures turn out!

    That’s it for now. It’s a wonderful summer day and I am busy enjoying it!
    Lots of love and sunshine,

    One step at a time


    Borrowed from Internet

    How do you make a change? One step at a time.

    Want to climb a mountain? Take one first step, and then another, and another…



    Reminding myself to let life be a process, nothing to rush or try to arrange in beforehand. There are plans for the fall, thoughts about how I want it to turn out and since I can be a person of action, I would love it to just be a list of things for me to do or organize. But it’s not – there are others involved with timelines and decisions out of my control and I have to just live with it.



    For example; we have decided to stay in Sweden at least over the fall, probably longer, and I’ve applied for some jobs. The outcome of that is out of my control at the moment. I did my part, and now it’s just waiting to see what happens.
    In combination with that, Anders and I will need a place to stay during the weeks – so we’ve been looking at mobile homes and small apartments online. Nothing to decide on or act on just yet.
    But it would be great to know how it all will turn out, what the fall actually will look like. Well, isn’t that what many of us wish a lot of the time?

    The problem with having too clear plans or expectations is that we tend to miss the opportunities that show up, or forget how to be flexible and adjust to what is in the moment.

    So, let’s take one step at a time and let the path light up bit by bit.

    // Wivan