Details vs. bigger picture

Zooming in.

Have you thought about what picture you tend to look at if you face a problem, struggle or meet resistance in life?

The bigger picture.

Are you one who usually look at the small pieces, details and close-ups to find fault?

Or do you see a greater view, the wider horizon and how it all comes together in the long run?

Do you see one mis-colored apple, or the whole picture?

My experience is that some of us look for details, search for faults and problems without trying to see the greater picture: how it all comes together.

How would a greater view effect our conclusions and decisions about a person, a relationship or a situation instead of judging it from the past hour, day or week?

Could looking at it from a broader horizon help us be a bit more patient with ourselves and others? Maybe. Probably.

View: a greater perspective.

Sometimes if I think I am stuck, or I belive that there are only tiny pieces, not a large puzzle, it really helps to try and lift my head up or step up on a chair (or climb a hill) just to get another view – both another view of the thing in particular but also on my small thinking or what I believe my struggles are.

This was a sweaty and hard early morning climb.

This also works as a mental excercise when stuck – take a mental step back, or remind yourself of a longer time perspective and see what possibilities that opens up for you.

Was it worth the climb? Oh, yes!

Maybe a friend, collegue or someone in your family can help you see a bigger picture if you find yourself totally stuck.


Being the odd ones

Digging a whole on the beach in Åhus

Sometimes I believe it’s part of our (Anders’ and mine) “assignement” in this life to be the odd ones, the ones who do, think and believe slightly different from the main stream of the Western world we were born and raised in.

By all means, we’re not the only ones, and I know a lot of people feel that they’re different at times.

Art made of apples in Kivik, Sweden

During a walk the other day, it hit me again: it might actually be our mission to dare and stand up for what we believe in, for who we are (slightly odd and funny), to show that it’s ok to be you, and to meet the eyes of the people who ask the same questions over and over again.

On a bike ride last Sunday

To stand up for oneself, to be as unique and special as each one of us are (all of us, entire mankind), and not always follow the stream just because it might be the easier way – that is to be you. To fully own our decisions, how ever hard or scary it might feel.

The playful version of me

Don’t know if this post is helpful or not, I just wanted to put my thoughts into words, and keep the blog alive.

With lots of love and autumn sunshine from Sweden,