Not going anywhere

A moment to have coffee, and think about life

Haven’t slept all that well the past few nights, and I’ve wanted to really enjoy every moment so I have done a lot of little things.

And it’s been very nice at the beach, at the gym and at the sports bar to watch a game. But maybe, just maybe, the past six weeks of work and constantly meeting new people, planning and being at the top of my game have taken it’s toll. Let’s just say I’ve been doing a lot of live interviews on the radio.

I’m tired and this morning I woke up with a weird ache in my leg. If it’s something I know, it’s that the body needs deep rest to heal and repair all the muscles and stress we put to it. So even though training is good, some really good sleep is crucial to recover.

At the beach the other day

Today I had thought of going to the gym again, or go swimming, or take a bike ride. But what I really wanted was to take a nap. So I did, and then felt like having a coffee (in the afternoon = crazy when wanting to sleep at night, but sometimes coffee is like therapy!), and now I enjoy a cup in stillness with some music and a feeling of that anything is possible.

A picture to help me remember the amazing colors

Sometimes it is so clear how all our thinking about what is good and important stands in the way of our ability to take care of ourselves and really do what we need in that very moment.

Now I need to be my best buddy for a while and just love to hang out and do what feels pleasurable and fun, without a “smart” agenda or a grown-up-plan.

Throw-back to June and my morning hike with my niece in the Rockies

Love, joy and a bit of chocolate!


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