One step at a time


Borrowed from Internet

How do you make a change? One step at a time.

Want to climb a mountain? Take one first step, and then another, and another…


Reminding myself to let life be a process, nothing to rush or try to arrange in beforehand. There are plans for the fall, thoughts about how I want it to turn out and since I can be a person of action, I would love it to just be a list of things for me to do or organize. But it’s not – there are others involved with timelines and decisions out of my control and I have to just live with it.


For example; we have decided to stay in Sweden at least over the fall, probably longer, and I’ve applied for some jobs. The outcome of that is out of my control at the moment. I did my part, and now it’s just waiting to see what happens.
In combination with that, Anders and I will need a place to stay during the weeks – so we’ve been looking at mobile homes and small apartments online. Nothing to decide on or act on just yet.
But it would be great to know how it all will turn out, what the fall actually will look like. Well, isn’t that what many of us wish a lot of the time?

The problem with having too clear plans or expectations is that we tend to miss the opportunities that show up, or forget how to be flexible and adjust to what is in the moment.

So, let’s take one step at a time and let the path light up bit by bit.

// Wivan


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