Before leaving Colorado


Me and niece E on Mount Royal

Yesterday and today I got to do a couple of hikes, as I had hoped for but not really planned into the non-existing schedule of mine.
Yesterday it was only me, and this morning my niece and I left the house a little after 4 am to see the sun rise over the mountains.


Before sunrise

Let me say, it’s a bit rough to wake the body up by climbing uphill in the dark at 4.30 in the morning.


The top of Mount Royal before sunrise

It was so worth it, though!


We got to wait a bit before we saw Miss Sunshine

And if the climb was a bit hard at times, it’s at the same time a great metaphor for life – sometimes we walk in the dark, only seeing what’s in reach of the headlight. As you continue walking, the light helps you see further and eventually the surroundings lightens up.


How the sun warms up both people and mountains

This was a great start of the day with many hours of traveling ahead of me.


Beautiful natural sculptures on Mount Royal

Yesterday I realized how good these three weeks in Colorado has been – every day I have done things that I like, and I’ve gotten to spend my time very freely.


My day-pack is pimped with some new stuff

Until next time!


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