I’ve got time

Or do I?


After a two day roadtrip with mom, my extra dad and one of my nieces, I’m back in Frisco, Colorado and have a day with… No plans.
So I take a moment to get back into the body, stretching and breathing slowly.
And the thought hits me:

With no plans, I’ve got time.

Because when we plan every day, moment or always have things to do, we tend to feel like we lack time.

And here’s the interesting twist to all this: life is short, so we want to LIVE. Fully, every day. And at the same time, not rush or stress to go someplace, get experiences and meet with others.


How does this come together at all? Does it?
Is it possible to live in the moment, take life as it comes, and at the same time make sure to do what we love and long for?

I don’t know, but I sure hope that my inner wisdom will guide me through life, with a sense of making my life count, that I don’t have to hurry through my days on this earth, and still will end this life with a sense of having lived a “complete” life. Whatever that means.


Happy to have this day to ponder on some of the existential questions. That’s also part of being human and to live fully; daring to look at the essence of life.


With love and happiness,


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