Afraid and scared, of what?


House lit up at night

Just walked over to the neighbor’s house, where I have moved in today, and several other guests coming to the graduation also will be staying.

And oh my, was I aware of all the little sounds, the wide windows and that I was alone in the house?! Yes. Very much so.

Years back I was extremely afraid of being alone in the dark, and I had many different tactics for managing a night alone in our house, or brought a friend if I had to go outside in the dark.


American duck tape

Now I was offered company to go over and get some stuff in my “new” room, but I said no thanks. I usually take moments like these to practice.


A moose the other day

But, being here in Colorado, in the outskirts of town, it’s rather quiet and very dark at night. Something I like when looking at the moon and the stars, but not the best setup for ‘alone in an empty house’-practice.

So I decided that it was good enough to go there, get my stuff and calmly walk back and wait for the others to come.


Rusty decorations

Maybe I’ve seen too many scary movies that take place in the US, maybe it’s just me not being trained in these types of environment, or maybe it just is what it is; not being used to a new house.

Nowadays I know that fear comes from my thinking about what is. That does not have to be true or real. Most often it’s not true and real, it’s just made up.
So, being afraid of being alone in the dark is my imagination of what could happen, there are no facts or experiences to back it up.



So tomorrow I’ll get more familiar with the house and surroundings in daylight, and keep practicing.

Until next time!
// Wivan


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