3.37 jetlag


Early Friday

The first night here in Frisco, Colorado I woke up at 2 am after about four hours of sleep. Jetlag.
This last night I didn’t wake up until 3.37, so it’s going the right way.


Beautiful sunrise behind the mountains

The cool thing about getting up unneccesary early is to see the sun come up.


Through my bedroom window

The town of Frisco is surrounded by the Rocky Mountains with beautiful views all around.


Even the parkings have a view

Since we’re on high altitude (9000 ft/2700m), it takes a few days to adjust, and needs a bit of caution not to get sick.


Went for some shopping today

It’s great to hang out with the family here, and to be part of at least some of the preparations for next weekend’s graduation party for my nephew.


Early Friday pic

Take care! // Wivan


2 thoughts on “3.37 jetlag

  1. Va spännande WIvan! Hoppas du får en riktigt trevlig vistelse där! Här fortgår projektet som planerat. 🙂

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