Cheering flowers on a Friday afternoon

You know those moments when you have a sensation of ease, joy, lightness, some kind of sunshine of the mind.
The times when you thank yourself for being you, when the feeling inside makes you want to hug anybody you meet or just sing a little song.


Grandma on the ferry yesterday

Lately I’ve started collecting on those moments. And I haven’t realized I did until now!


Friday afternoon on the train home

The times those feelings are inside, when the moments appear from nowhere, I have started to stand still or stop what I am doing to just let it sink in, to absorb it deep inside instead of just rushing by. I want to marinate myself in those moments.


Morning at home

Maybe it’s the power of spring, or it’s just me, but it seems to be more often this happens now than earlier. Or maybe it’s just because I am more aware of all the little treasures.

Be still, be gentle and be love.



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