Opposite thinking

A night on my own – quite rare in my case nowadays, and something I usually like very much; to have the possibility to do… Anything. And to take responsibility for nobody but myself.


Cat sitting this pretty girl this week

So, with a night on my own ahead, what does my brain spin around?

“Who could I meet up with tonight? Someone in the area that I would like to see?”

Luckily I heard those thoughts and found it a bit contradictory to what I feel my deep need is – time alone. So, I did what my former self might not always dare: stay true to myself and choose time alone.


Bud bursting

Tomorrow I’m invited to a After Work in Kristianstad, and at first I wanted to go. After a closer look on the inside, I realized that the best for me right now is to again choose to hang out with the person that’s closest to me. Myself.



Alone and still a part of the whole


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