#life and living


Today's setting for our lunch

After some weeks I am back here on the blog. Not that I haven’t written any posts, I just haven’t finished and posted any lately.
It’s been so much living going on!


Flower buds on Öland

Though it’s more than a month and a half since we returned to Sweden, there is still so many things to see and do, people to visit and at the same time there are many memories and insights to digest.


From the troll forrest on Öland earlier this week

And after practicing another way of living for quite some time now, we try to keep living life a bit more in the moment and with space for ourselves to just be.


Sunset over Öland

For me it’s perfect not to work full time, but to be able to have a mix of free time and work, schedule and flexibility.


At a family gathering last weekend

This also is the challenge: to stay free in the mind, to live by own choices and values among all the people who struggle with a lot of “must, should and have-to”.


Café wisdom in Kalmar

If you would have the choice to create more balance in your life, what would you do?



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