Keeping the mind right


After rain

When life is sped up to a certain point it’s sometimes hard to stay true to ones real nature or take on things that happens in life.
I see it clearly now that I’ve started working part time and spend more time with collegues, deadlines and work loads than I have done in years.

When I am relaxed and feel free in my mind, small incidents stays that way: small.
But if the thinking is cluttered with stress, “musts” and thoughts of doing right, small things sometimes becomes big, maybe even huge.


View from a bench

At the moment I am balancing on the right side of the line; small is small. And I am grateful for seeing it, not over-reacting on nonsense but staying sober.

This is one of the big ups to have taken a lot of time to just be, explore life and the world without having to feel any pressure – when taking a step away from the spinning wheel, we also read situations and patterns with more stillness.


Still water

Most of the time there’s no use to get all worked up about what another person does or says, being a bit late might not be such a catastrophy and are the thoughts we give so much power to even true?



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