Keeping the mind right


After rain

When life is sped up to a certain point it’s sometimes hard to stay true to ones real nature or take on things that happens in life.
I see it clearly now that I’ve started working part time and spend more time with collegues, deadlines and work loads than I have done in years.

When I am relaxed and feel free in my mind, small incidents stays that way: small.
But if the thinking is cluttered with stress, “musts” and thoughts of doing right, small things sometimes becomes big, maybe even huge.


View from a bench

At the moment I am balancing on the right side of the line; small is small. And I am grateful for seeing it, not over-reacting on nonsense but staying sober.

This is one of the big ups to have taken a lot of time to just be, explore life and the world without having to feel any pressure – when taking a step away from the spinning wheel, we also read situations and patterns with more stillness.


Still water

Most of the time there’s no use to get all worked up about what another person does or says, being a bit late might not be such a catastrophy and are the thoughts we give so much power to even true?


Celebrating “normal”

The differences and experiencing new things makes all the “normal” or everyday life a lot more interesting and atteactive. At least to me.


Following my friends' son to pre-school

After many months of hopping from place to place, seeing new areas and trying out foods, activities and ways to spend a day, it’s ridiculous how wonderful it is to spend time “at home”, with simple pleasures.


Dinner served with small conversations

To be able to call a friend on the phone, to get on a train and understand how to buy a ticket and knowing where to get off, to know what to expect when ordering food or booking a appointment, to be able to walk safely on a street, talk to and understand other people – small things that make a big difference.


Visiting grandma

Having a couple of days off are extremely valuable after some days of work.


Walks in nature

I had been longing to experience a Saturday breakfast after working, so last weekend I really treasured it!


Breakfast coffee in the sofa

To be able to long for Anders and then get back together after a few days apart.


Sunny walk without sun-glasses

And to work! I really like to work a little now and then at the moment.


Work desk

Anders loves his days on the island. Days filled with “this is what I really want to do”. And it’s very valuable to be able to live like this, to choose and be a bit flexible.
To play in life.

Stay cool!

It’s the little things


A cup of coffee while hanging laundry

Our lives are made up of numerous little moments that are put together. Sometimes it hits us harder than usual;  how wonderful those simple little things are.


Vitsippor, fresh spring flowers

Being well and able to do pretty much whatever we set out to do, having people in our lives that we love and respect, recieving love from others, breathing fresh air, living free and safe, having clothes, food and a roof over our heads.


Sunny morning earlier this week

There are tons of small and big things and moments that are totally extraordinary and we are happy to notice it rather often.


Anders making soap bubbles

What small details in your life do you treasure?


Colors mixing

//Anders and Wivan

@home weekend


Sheep cup of coffee

Saturday morning, have had my breakfast and read some blogs, getting ready to go to the gym and then visit grandma and see how she’s doing.


Sun on the ferry yesterday

What a nice feeling yesterday; to come back home to Anders after a couple of nights away when working in Kristianstad. And to land back on this island of Aspö where we stay now. I love it!


Sunny evening

Today I am a bit tired, it’s been a couple of intense days with lots of people, conversations and many hours in front of the computer.

Grateful for being able to take the day as it comes – no strict plans!


Shifting tempo

It’s interesting to see how a shift of tempo effects so many areas; thinking, eating, walking, talking.


A lot of drawing last weekend

Since a few days I’ve spent a lot of time at my grandmother’s to help and look after her because she’s been ill. Mostly I’ve been keeping her company to just be around if she needs me. Quiet, still and slow. Time to slow down, reflect and not do so much.

Now it’s time for me to work for a few more days and the tempo has shifted; getting up early, packing, walking quickly, being on time, producing and keeping a deadline.


Going to town

For me, the shifts are good to have, it gives perspective and helps me appreciate both the slower times and the faster. Work and rest. Company and time alone. Walking slowly and running. Organize/booking and having no plans.


Grandma's flowers

What shifts in your life do you appreciate the most? Is there balance between the different tempos, or is it too much or too little of something?

Wake up to the tempo of your life.
With love,