Freedom of choice and flexibility


Carrots in the bag

Oh, how good it feels to have trained my flexibility so much over the last couple of years. And to have let go of the thoughts of making perfect.


Backpack with gym equipment

This morning, as I had just left the house to go to the gym, I got a call from the radio station where I used to work and where I’ll be working this upcoming summer. They were in big need of a host for the afternoon show and hoped I’d be in the area.


Running from the gym to the train

I was happy to easily make a plan to make it work – and to be able to continue from the gym to the train and onwards to the radio station. No need for more things or different clothes, it’s become so much easier for me to handle the situations that come my way, and to take it as it is. (extra plus for having picked rather good clothes this morning).


Bought a salad on the way and had lunch as I prepared

From the moment I said yes to make this day of work happen, I also realized there was no prestige in this for me – all I had to do was to be calm and relaxed, knowing that I can handle it.


Two and a half hours of live radio

After arriving, I had a little more than two hours to prepare myself for the live show – without a personal login to computers, quickly learning how the show is built up, and with hugging former collegues and some small talk in between, I made it!


There was a producer that had planned and prepared the topics of the show, and reporters doing good work to make it all come together. I am so happy I took the chance to see how it all worked out and how sweet the people were to me.



It’s been about two years since I last broadcasted a whole radio show like this, doing most of the technical stuff myself. After a day like this, it’s clear that it helps to rely on that everything will be good and to humbly work with what some call ‘a beginner’s mind’ – even though I know some of this since long, a lot has changed and is new to me and I learn a lot by letting others show and help.

Finally back home with Anders and time to prepare some food for tomorrow’s lunch. Because, I’ll be working also tomorrow!

Have fun, enjoy your life and maybe take on a challenge every now and again.

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