Weekday thoughts

Here comes honesty:
Being back in Sweden is both wonderful and at times hard. For me, being here arises many questions – a lot about the future and what I really want with my life. And it’s great to be able to take time being slightly confused.

It’s so nice to be around family members and loved friends; it helps me being more relaxed and that’s probably one of the reasons why these questions sometimes arise.


Easter decoration

Spending time with other people is also a very good way to see our own patterns, thoughts and responses to situations. Like a magnifying glass right in front of us. Often, as humans, we look at those “magnifying times” as painful or hard, but one can also see it as great learning and gifts.


Our "what-we-want-in-Sweden-lists"

Today I bring out the lists of what we longed for to do, eat and who to see that we wrote when we had decided to leave Sri Lanka and go back to Sweden. It’s a great way to remember what we love and have missed while being away.
We have already done many things on those lists, and yet it’s so much left!


Easter lunch - lots of the foods we love

Still we are taking things slowly and easy, no need to rush and do all at once. So, the unpacking and moving into the house we have rented at mom’s place is done one step at a time.


Soap bubbles, lots of them!

There always has to be space for fun and peaceful things, like soap bubbles and laughter.

With love,
Wivan – who’s now off to the store to buy foods to put on the grill!

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