The colors of a country


Sunset behind the clouds

When I went for a walk at sunset yesterday, I understood something about colors that I haven’t really thought about before. It seems like different countries and places have their own set of colors and light that goes together in nature.


Swedish sunset

Along with the smells, how the air feels and the temperature, there is a uniqe mix of colors – and they shift from morning till evening.


Sri Lankan colors

It’s not only what we see, but also how it feels, and how different colors affect us. I also believe, with a lot of experience from traveling to many different places, that we are quite well in tune with the set of colors from the places we are used to, that we love or where we grew up. Even if we might prefer being in tropical climate in the winter, it seems like we can’t avoid being affected and feel at home when we see and feel the Swedish colors – even if it’s cold!


Bare trees a late afternoon

This was a new way of experiencing knowledge for me, it was so clear when I felt, and saw, the colors at sunset on Aspö.



At the same time I realized that the colors of the woods, lakes and roads where I grew up and spent my childhood are slightly different and still speak deeply to me, something I get to sense again next week when I go to visit my dad and extra mom.


Colors and light that speak to us

What places, and colors, speak to you on levels you can’t explain?

With love,


Sunset in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

4 thoughts on “The colors of a country

  1. I had a massive insight on the same topic – the colours of the landscape around us – when I was outside San Bernardino two years ago. Desert landscape – a range of colours so non-Swedish it hit me deep how different colouring makes me relate differently. The earthen and khaki colouring of the valley and mountains were beautiful -but not familiar. Not relaxing in the sense that ‘that which I know well’ is relaxing. Very interesting! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Thanks for sharing, Helena! It certainly is interesting to experience, since we learn something about what might help for us to relax and be at ease. ❤

  2. Vill bara skriva ett tack för att du delar med dig av din resa runt i världen och dina reflektioner.

    Hoppas du får/har det trevligt hos pappa.

    Anna (Ola och Eivors barnbarn)

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