Who’s counting?

After sorting through some of our stuff last night, and this morning, we have found things we need and look forward to use again, and other things we don’t need at the moment – and some that eventually will be given to charity or thrown away.


Hrmmmm, some stuff

When packing, unpacking, lifting and sorting among the boxes, I found myself trying to make some type of conclusion from it all. Something like: “If we have X number of boxes, it means that we own things to fill X square meters of living space”, or “If we get rid of X number of things, we own even less and that makes us more free”.

And then I remembered what Anders use to say: ‘Who’s counting?!?’
By that he simply questions the truth in whatever counting or number conclusion I or someone else makes.
It can be when a friend have heard of a person who only uses 100 pieces of clothing (in total), and she wants to try to do the same. Or when I say that I will do 40 repetitions of each exercise because I want to be prepared until I am 40 years old. Or when something becomes very specific in numbers just because… (blogging every day for a 100 days, eating five fruits per day, saying hello to three new people every day, ten steps to more happiness, trying one new dish every week…).


Lifting, lifting

It’s not that numbers aren’t relevant, it’s just that when we focus so much on one specific number, we might become obsessed and a bit blind to what really serves us in the moment. What if I feel like doing more push-ups – should I avoid it? Or if you have lots of inspiration and energy – why only do ten pages of home work? If you have many other things distracting you, maybe it’s better to do what you had planned at another time, if it’s possible?

So, the number of boxes we have in our storage don’t mean anything, unless we give it meaning. Sometimes a specific time limit or number is really good, as a guide line or help for a certain reason.


Someone elses moving truck...

All we can do is what feels right for us, not for someone else. So if wearing only five items of clothing for a week feels inspiring to you, go ahead! The thing is to do it by choice and not because someone else is doing it, or tells you it’s the only way to show commitment, being environmentally friendly or it’s the cool way to be.

So, me not using Facebook for one year and two days isn’t very interesting, is it? Because – who’s counting?!



Out on a walk

2 thoughts on “Who’s counting?

  1. Spot on. It’s the choice that matters! I am very good at the ‘numbers game’ BUT only when it’s supported by a choice! When it’s something I should do, rather than want to do, the numbers game doesn’t work any ways.

    • That’s also very true – when there is pressure or “should”, it doesn’t work anyways! I wonder how many of us have felt like failures just because we “didn’t make it”, and really it probably was not a free or inspired choice from the beginning.

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