Totally unexpected


A long night of repacking

When waking up this morning none of us knew that we would drive to our former home-town Höör and almost empty our storage and repack many of the boxes to get what we want to have close by nowadays.


We got to borrow mom's car

Neither did we know we would rent a trailer to bring all the boxes and a few pieces of furniture. Or that we would rent a new, smaller storage (downsizing again!!!) closer to where we stay for the coming months.


Loading boxes

None of us knew, and yet we made it happen!


This is what's left in Höör

We need some of our warmer clothes, and since we’re staying until September, at least,  in the same place, we want to make it a little more our own. Some kitchen ware, linen and other details are now being integrated with what’s already in the small house we stay in.


On the ferry this morning

It’s rather cool to see our reactions to the things we still have, and when reading the inventory list we’re quite clear about what is neccesary and what we really want – everything else is still in boxes and will be stored until we’re ready to either settle down or get rid of those things.

Now time to rest!
// Wivan and Anders


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