Two years without spring


Welcome-home tulips

It’s been two years since we last experienced a spring season in Sweden. I usually like and am rather positive about all seasons (ok, maybe not the dark, grey, rainy winters…), but spring is something extra with the days getting brighter and longer, birds chirping, nature awakening and the flowers and plants come to life.


Sitting in the sun

Everyone who’s experienced this will recognize the special color of last year’s yellow grass, a clear blue sky, bare trees and the strong sunlight in spring time.



The air feels clean, and cold at the same time as the sun warms up whatever it sets it’s rays on. As soon as you are in the shade, it feels cold. There’s something special about people coming outside to feel the sun and the clear sky, animals acting happy and joyful, and I love to stand in the sun and blow soap bubbles just for fun. On my own, even without the excuse of doing it for the kids. I do it for me.

There’s something about having seasons.


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