The first things we bought


Cheese sandwich, candy and coffee

On the train from Copenhagen airport, we got a chance to buy something to eat. This is what we bought: a bun with cheese, a bag of Bilar candy and a cup of coffee with milk.
Let me tell you, a cheese sandwich has probably never tasted so good! And the warm coffee (it was a bit chilly on the train). Anders was so happy to have this type of candy again, last time was in Thailand in December last year.


Snus, Swedish "chew" tobaco

After lunch, Anders couldn’t wait to get out and by some snus, tobaco, that he ran out of about a month ago and have tried different ways to compensate for. Snus is mostly used in Sweden, and is very rare to find abroad. We did see it in Khao Lak in Thailand, but it was extremely expensive, and Anders have had his own stack up till about a month ago. A friend brought some extra after Christmas when we met in Singapore.


One way to compensate for missing snus

Among other things, Anders has tried the local uplifting “chew” in Sri Lanka – a combination of green leaves, beetle nut, cardamom seeds and tobaco leaves that both men and women walk around chewing as a stimulant.
He ended up only using the tobaco leaves, folded together and put it under his upper lip.


Rice ❤

Even though it is tasty and so good to have some of the foods and treats we have missed, my stomach has been aching a lot over the past days, so this morning I went for a breakfast I am more used to – rice. I start off with only some rice and coconut oil, and later today I make a curry to go with it. Feels comforting and very pleasurable in the cold.


Frost this morning


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