Live like a monkey


Sunrise with the monkeys

Just outside our room is a large mango tree. The fruits are not yet ripe, but to the monkeys the fruit taste just perfect and they come daily to feed on the green fruits and sometimes being noisy and let us know they’re here.
This morning I went outside before six o’clock because the monkeys had given me a wake up call, and I wanted to take the chance see the sunrise.


Monkeys in the mango tree

This has been one of the best experiences during our winter in Asia, to live so close to a group of wild monkeys and get to see them daily. To see the babies play in the top of a coconut tree, to almost step in monkey’s poo, hear them chatter, see them carefully climb out on the limbs to grab another mango, being able to watch them from only a couple of meters away.


One of the monkeys

To the owners, the monkeys are a bit too hungry – there probably won’t be many mangos left when they’re supposed to be ripe. We’re thankful for the opportunity to see these smart, fast, flexible little monkeys live their lives just outside our door and enjoy their company a lot!

2 thoughts on “Live like a monkey

  1. thanks for sharing this. for me, I don’t have plans to be there so this is great, getting to see something outside my normal experiences. momentummikey have an incredible journey friend. 🙂

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