Cows walking freely and eating

The other day a friend sent a message asking how life is in paradise.
Sure, it’s very much like what many people would consider paradise here in Sri Lanka; turquise colored water, white sandy beaches, coconut trees everywhere, fresh fruits and lots of other tropical features.


Curry in the making

It’s also sooooo much more…



Stray dogs, poor people, mosquitos, noisy neighbors, crazy traffic…


Fish curry cooking for memorial ceremony

Smiles, fresh fruits, small talk, caring friends, colorful corals, wild monkeys…


Vegetable market

Rain, power loss, water from a well, exotic birds, tasty foods, sweet tea…


Truck loaded with bananas

Loud music, flip-flops, batik clothes, arrak, tuktuks, insane “que-system”(anyone passes the line at any time), low education level, history, language difficulties…


Beach with a view in Galle

Cricket, boats, military, school uniforms, temples, rice and curry, ceremonies, home made food, pollution, laces, Ayurveda…


Headband to protect the ears in the afternoon breeze

Sun screen, swimming with clothes on, bare feet, beggars, religious people, buses, lizards, trash, sunsets, alcoholics…


Sunset at Weligama Beach

In other words – this is a country with many sides, people of all sorts and it’s own culture. A paradise for some, a not-so-much paradise for some. Like every place and every country I guess.


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