Communication goes both ways

And so do misunderstandings.


Egg hoppers and tea for breakfast

It’s sometimes a challenge to accept the fact that we quite a few times don’t understand our friends invitations, information and actions here in Sri Lanka. Some times we do, but a lot of times we’re confused – did we say yes to having dinner tonight or were we actually talking about breakfast tomorrow? And then we remind our Swedish thinking of doing “right” that it’s ok not to understand. The others probably don’t understand either and somehow all of us take it from there.


Beans on toast - a favorite for Anders

We might get a call from somebody asking where we are, or they think we’re a bit odd not showing up. And yet another time we stand on their doorstep and take them by surprise, expecting lunch but apparently our message didn’t go through…


Rainy morning

It is a good way to practice being a bit more relaxed and not focus too much on doing “right” or being correct, but rather improvise to the best of our ability, to keep an open mind and go with what happens. Sometimes a bit tiring, but also very rewarding, and certainly something we will have use for during the rest of our lives.


Stray dog relaxing while we eat

With the mind open – what can you learn today?



2 thoughts on “Communication goes both ways

  1. I keep looking on that beautiful coconut tree. It seems the really naturally grown up, its leave are not trim that makes it more attractive and natural.

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