Hot snorkeling day


Inspired by colors and shapes of the ocean

A warm day with power loss = no AC or fans, no opening of the fridge and basically just accepting what is.

In the morning we spent a couple of hours with our Sri Lankan family and went swimming with the kids of the village. They usually go swimming on Saturdays, and we like to go with them. Today meant a lot of language practice – both for them and us!


Power is back, and Internet = Duolingo for Anders

After swimming it was of course time to eat amma Malika’s home cooked food. Well, there’s time to eat at her place most of the time we come by! Today we got some sweets and tea before having rice and two types of curry, plus a sambal with fresh carrot.


Friends visiting

We’ve also studied the monkeys again today, they have a path they take most days, in the trees just outside our guest house and we love to watch them as they pick fruits, leaves and jump from one tree to the other.

In the late afternoon we went snorkeling for the third time at a reef outside Jungle beach, and today was just amazing!
So many different fishes, corals, shapes and colors. It was a very good time in the water!



Now we’re relaxing, drawing, practicing some language and just thanking ourselves and the universe for another great day to be alive.

With love,
Anders and Wivan


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