House hunting and choices


One of many houses that needs a little repair

Walking, riding tuktuks, talking, discussing, drinking tea, asking for price… It’s been a day of looking for a place to stay a bit longer.


Waiting for a guy to show us a house

We’ve stayed on the stretch between Weligama and Midigama, and were sure about the location we wanted, we had calculated on different prices in beforehand and thought of what features we looked for. We’ve been into small local houses, different guest houses and modern hotel/B&B’s and finally decided to make a deal with Horizon Inn, between Jungle beach and the fishermen’s village.


Two ladies on the beach between Midigama and Kubalgama

It was a few things that stood out to us here: owners and staff have a very calm and welcoming energy, super clean and bright rooms, AC, fridge on the room(!), bed lights, walking distance to nice beaches, owners speaking good English, reasonable prices and we get to stay on the second floor.


Mosquito thingy

Plus, one little detail that shows a lot of thoughtfulness: a mosquito repellent in each room, even if they usually don’t have mosquitos at this place they want to show their care and concern for us. Isn’t that smart!? And, they are more than willing to arrange for me to be able to cook my own food if I want to, have different pillows to choose from, they’ve heard from other customers about good coffee and got a nice machine, and we get to choose our breakfast from day to day.


Reading lights!!!

So, today we have gotten a lot of training in the art of negotiating, of asking for what we want, staying true to ourselves even if others have different agendas and to go for a Hell Yes!


Walking between places

It has already showed to be a good choice: we got an amazing rice and curry for dinner here, and both of us are breathing deeper after knowing we are staying a bit longer here.

Tomorrow morning I am off to the market with the mother of our local family, and Anders is sleeping in. After that, there’s no plan!

Good night!


2 thoughts on “House hunting and choices

  1. Hej Wivan och Anders!
    Ni verkar ha det alldeles fantastiskt! Roligt att catch up via er fina blogg.
    Vill tacka för tipset om Headspace. Perfekt intro för mig som försöker hitta inåt. Spännande! Du är helt klart en del i det. Minns när du berättade om medvetet val av kaffe eller te. Vad vill jag ha? Tyckte det lät lite flummigt då men nu förstår jag precis! Ha ha! Kram på er!

    • Tack Ida! Vi har det riktigt bra och tänker på dig och er alltsomoftast 😀. Hoppas livet i Stanstorp är fortsatt fint.
      Kul att du nappat på Headspace, det är en bra ingång till meditation och reflektion.
      Och att förståelse kommer efterhand – så är det hela tiden i livet verkar det som 😀👍.
      Kram och sköt om dig!

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