Thanks to our fan club

Often we have talked about the importance of having a fan club, a group of people or individuals that support us as people – who are there to cheer on us when things are going good and life is fun, and who are supportive and helpful whenever that’s needed.
It’s also great fun to be on somebody else’s fan club, to cheer for them and help out if that’s what he/she needs the best. In other words – we as humans need other humans for support, hugs, talks, advice, laughter, feedback and more.

The two of us have a bunch of people in our fan club, and for long we’ve said we should create membership cards. Well, that might not happen, but we’ve now found a new type of fan club, that we appreciate and love very much. A club of fans that are essential to our daily well-being.

With this we want to say: THANK YOU! To all of you who are on our fan club. Thank you! And we appreciate being on other’s fan clubs too.


Part of the fan club


Groupie with part of the club


A cooling sensation



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