Talkative tuktuk drivers


Tuktuk ride to town

Imagine sitting in a slightly windy spot where traffic is all around and a big bus passes right next to you. Honking horns, people waving and in the middle of this: someone, with his back turned towards you, talking in broken English. He’s asking questions about what country you are from, where you stay, how long you’re staying in Sri Lanka and all of a sudden an odd question about going to a snake farm.


Shopping from the bread tuktuk

This is what a lot of tuktuk rides are like. A kind of game, where you try to guess what question you’re supposed to answer, or asking three times over what he asked last…
It’s really bad if it’s a “disco tuktuk” with large speakers playing loud music, and a driver who’s about to hit every moving object on the road.

A taxi ride in Europe will be like a quiet walk in the park after these months in Asia!


Anders so wanting to buy a tuktuk!

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