Temple time and tuktuk


Temple visit outside Weligama

Yesterday was another day of wonderful experiences together with our new friends and the family that has taken us on as part of them.


Prayer flags at the temple

In the afternoon we went to one small and one big Buddhist temple nearby.


Always a tuktuk

Surfer Mona has a friend who owns a tuktuk, ‘Tuktuk Man’, and he drives us to the good surf beach in the morning, drove to the temple and also in to town.


Big Buddha and small Wiva

We’ve been snorkeling at a great little beach with a wonderful reef, had tea, fruit and cookies at the family’s house, and last night they cooked dinner for us again.


Tea tray, bananas and cookies

It’s something very special to experience this community of friends, families and the local life and we’re so grateful for the opportunity.


Fish bbq on the gas stove

The kids in the neighborhood are always saying hello and sometimes want to do a high five with us, most people are curious and smiling when we come by, and we try and learn a few words here and there.


Anders in front of the family's house

Till next time!
//Anders and Wivan

2 thoughts on “Temple time and tuktuk

  1. Miss U! Hugs frpm me Inga-Lill

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