Andrew and Wiva; Tourist People


On a fishing boat

In one sense we are what the locals call ‘Tourist People’, meaning not being locals. In another sense we’re becoming a bit more local since we’re all of a sudden brought into family life and new friendships thanks to stepping out of our usual paths and saying ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’ much more often than before.


On the way back to the village

So, this morning we met our new friend Harosh on the beach to go surfing, but he needed to go someplace else and asked his surfer friend Mona to take over the student Wiva. The board that was going to be for free was broken and they went to rent a board for me.

All in all, renting a board and paying the  teacher Mona for the surf lesson was 900 rupies, which is about € 4.50. The board was smaller and more wobbly than I have used before, so it sure was a challenge. And so much fun!


Surf teacher Mona

Afterwards we were invited to go along on a fishing boat in the afternoon, and when meeting up with Mona, we went to his family’s house, met his mother, sister and father and together with his dad we took off to the harbour.
Then we spent a couple of hours out on the sea, watching the sun set, waiting for tuna fish to come in (they didn’t show up today) and were asked many questions by the ten fishermen.


A big bag of smaller fish


Small fish

When we asked if we were supposed to pay the boat owner for taking us on, we were instead asked to pay “drinking money” and join them for a small dinner and have some arrak together. So we said yes, and went back to Mona’s family house where we were invited to shower if we needed to and had some sweet tea. Then “Andrew” (Anders) and Mona went to buy the arrak while “Wiva” was showed around the house, kitchen and drank more tea and practiced language with one of the fishermen.


Catch of the day

We had so many small fried fishes while drinking arrak with some of the men and as we were ready to go home, the mother had cooked a full big meal for us and set a table in one of the bedrooms…

Leaving was no option and taking just a small portion was out of question. We ate! Good food, and generous servings.

Everybody seems to go out of their ways to give us fabulous options of things to do, places to visit and people to meet.
On the list is; surfing in beginner friendly beach, fishing from small boat, tuktuk tour to the jungle, fish bbq dinner at Mona’s house, temple visit, snorkeling and maybe something else.


Happy fishermen

Tomorrow it’s surf lesson for me, snorkeling for the both of us and maybe some fishing for “Andrew” in the afternoon. And if we have understood things correctly, we’re having bbq dinner. Or something else happens along the way, everything is spontaneous and easy to arrange it seems like.


The catamaran boat we went fishing with

Gratitude, joy and surprise are the main thoughs and feelings at the moment. Gosh, we’re having fun and feel alive!


Another boat from the village

With all our warmest wishes,
Wivan and Anders

4 thoughts on “Andrew and Wiva; Tourist People

  1. Oh what adventures! Great read / imagine it having been ever greater live!

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