Quick update from Sri Lanka


Slow days at the beach

Let’s see if it’s even possible to post something on the slow internet we’re currently on.

Slow, in a good way, is another way to describe this beautiful and curious island.
We are staying close to a small town in the south, Weligama, and the beaches are lovely, water is warm, sunny all day long. Food delicious (takes a long time to get it, and it’s always worth waiting for), people are nice and our current stay is not in our liking.


Prison window of our room

Tomorrow we’re moving to another place close by but a bit higher standard (like no ants in the room), and very close to the beach.


Shade is welcome these days

Tomorrow morning I have a surf date with a local guy, and who knows how that will be – promise to keep you posted. I am by no means a good surfer and by accepting his offer to help me I am taking a huge jump out of my comfort zone.


Local on the beach

The train ride from Colombo down to Weligama, and the tuktuk rides are stories of their own.
Lots of waves and sunshine!
//Wivan and Anders


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