Re-charging in Singapore


Pond in Botanic garden

After almost four weeks in this city, we’re ready to walk barefoot on a beach again soon.
Earlier this week we’ve had some great nature experiences in or close to the city.



The Botanic garden was such a positive surprise, close to the city center and still a wonderful oasis to discover and get some real nature feeling.


We loved watching the fishes

Ponds, a small rainforest, fish, birds and paths for walking and accesable for wheel chairs and strollers.


The orchid Vanda Miss Joaquin

We found a few flowers in this huge plantation of Singapore’s national flower, a type of orchid.


National flower, Vanda Miss Joaquin

Another fun surprise were the turtles!


Mister Turtle in the Swan pond

All of this is free and everything is so well kept.


A tree as old as we are

There are several different parts of the garden and this time we skipped the orchid garden because of the heat in the middle of the day.


Rainforest walk

But we did stroll through the rainforest and were amazed by the huge trees.


Enjoyed this afternoon very much

Yesterday Wivan and our friend Miss C took a 10 K walk in the MacRitchie Reservoir in the morning, together with lots of other people. It was warm, sunny and nice. And again, a great dose of green leaves and water to recharge the batteries after lots of city life.


Monkey on the trail in MacRitchie

We saw many, many monkeys along the paths.


Small and curious

Later today we’re heading out to the airport, and then fly via Kuala Lumpur  to Colombo in Sri Lanka.

Looking forward to waking up close to the beach tomorrow morning!

//Anders and Wivan

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