Flexible body, flexible mind?

Vanda Scaravelli

Vanda Scaravelli

Don’t know if it’s true, that a flexible mind and a flexible body are connected. But I do know that life changes constantly, as does our thinking.

My yoga teacher Daniel, with whom I practiced yoga for several years in Malmö, used to say that your mind becomes more flexible if the body is flexible. At the same time his teaching never was about becoming as flexible as possible in the body, rather to tune in to what felt right, what our needs were at the moment and to challenge ourselves from the place we were – not comparing with each other or him.

It is not so much the performance of the exercises that matters, but rather the way we are doing them.

– Vanda Scaravelli –

Anyways, over the past three days I’ve been doing so much stretching and yoga I myself am surprised! It’s like my private little retreat and all other type of movement and exercise disappeared from one day to the other. Now it’s been long, slow, deep yoga postures and it feels very different. A shift in thinking and being is also here. Curious, this life!

Sometimes Bronson join me on the mat

Sometimes Bronson join me on the mat

In what direction is your life shifting? Did you notice anything different?

// Wivan


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