Book: Paris Letters

Paris Letters, by Janice MacLeod

Paris Letters, by Janice MacLeod

This one I finished reading a few days ago, and I must say it was one of those books that caught me from the very first page and left me with a ‘is it already over?!’ kind of feeling. A great book in the sense that it’s a true story, in the sense that the story is only a few years old, and in the sense that the person writing the book has done massive change in order to get what she really wanted in life. In other words, it was inspiring to me and I believe it has inspired many others too.

Whose dream life am I living? Because it’s certainly not mine.

Janice MacLeod is the one telling her own story, a story that started with a blog, and then a number of letters, that later became this book, Paris Letters.

I started this journey by getting rid of clothes, but eventually I slowly peeled off the layers of judgements I had placed upon myself for failing to get married by the ripe old age of thirty-four. For failing to find happiness in my chosen career. For creating a life that wasn’t much fun. I let myself off the hook. I forgave myself for the judgments. The truth is that I did the best I could with what I knew at the time.

I might have felt an extra connection to Janice in the book, since she walks the streets of Paris like a mad person, and we too have walked the streets of Paris, and now are walking the streets of Singapore, maybe not like mad but still walking a lot and exploring life and places. And maybe also because she decides to clear out her stuff, to make huge changes and live life in a different way than before.

We must know how to design our lives. We are all artists, and each day is a canvas.

From the first page I made marks in the book, I highlighted sentences and sections that stood out and spoke to me, quotes I wanted to share with others or be able to find easily another time. And those great quotes and powerful words just kept on coming throughout the whole book.

There is a certain freedom in not having so many choices.

So, either if you want to read a interesting story of someone re-directing her life completely, or if you are looking for some company on your own journey in life, this is a great book!

With love from Singapore,

Anders and I in Paris earlier this year

Anders and I in Paris earlier this year


2 thoughts on “Book: Paris Letters

  1. Oh, this sounds like a journey both you and I are familiar with. I will definitely pick up a copy! Thanks a lot for the tip my friend!

    • Yep, it’s a lot of resemblance. And a fun, good read! I love to find “people” (in this case in form of a book) that can help me remember why and how I started my own journey, or that inspires us to keep going with whatever we’re doing at the time.

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