Chinatown in Singapore

Took a walk to get to Chinatown this afternoon and after looking on a map in beforehand I felt pretty sure of direction and approximate distance.


Yey! Chinatown!

But, what sometimes happens when crossing wide streets and bridges is that the direction gets slightly off… So, I ended up in another park, and after walking through it I ended up walking around a huge construction site…


Everywhere shopping

The distance I actually walked surely was a bit further than what the map had shown, and I was sweating in the afternoon sun. But, it’s really good for my minds map of Singapore that I use to get around by foot.


Men gathered playing board games

After finally getting in to Chinatown and strolling up and down a few streets, looking at food stalls, shopping streets and centers, I found what I had set out to find: reflexology. I miss the massages I got in Thailand and Bali, so after reading several statements of great reflexology treatments here in Singapore, I really wanted to find a good place at a good price. Chinatown was my best bet.


Massage and reflexology heaven

There are many good quality, local style massage and reflexology places on the third floor of People’s Park Complex. I paid 18 Singapore dollars for a 45 minute massage. I have had reflexology a couple of times before, and I would love to say it feels very good and relaxing. Part of the time it does, part of the time it can be very painful. But, I know that my body usually reaponds well to the treatment and how it helps the entire system to heal and reboot, so, I take the good with the bad!


Pretty streets in Chinatown

It was a good massage today and I am curious to see what the body feels like tomorrow. Afterwards I found a somewhat more straight way back home, and even got some take-away Indian to bring home for dinner. That too, something I had longed for.


Lots of food for $10 (there's more outside the picture)

Take care and treat yourself with lots of kindness!


Interesting things to buy


Hungry for something special?


Chinese medicine store


Nice decorations


Happy to find a public bathroom

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