Thai cooking class


Ploy taught us basic thai cooking

Lots of fun, tasty food and easy to cook-recepies to bring along wherever we go.


Qcumber in Khao Lak

It was a good class, very nice setting in the middle of the restaurant and our teacher Ploy was great at explaining, showing and letting us try to do the cooking to learn.


Mango sticky rice for dessert

The café / restaurant Qcumber  has a simple, clean and very welcoming feeling to it.

Ploy recently started her own business here in Khao Lak, but has years of experience of teaching Thai cooking from Bangkok, Khao Lak and Europe.


Mango sticky rice, northern Thailand style

We did five dishes/recipies whereof one is a curry paste that we then used to make a Tom Yam soup.


Tom Yam soup

This was a fun evening together and we got lots of inspiration to try our new skills when having a kitchen to use in Singapore from next week.


Anders plating Pad thai

It’s our last evening in Khao Lak and tomorrow we’ll go to spend a couple of days in Phuket.


Green curry with chicken

Learning to actually make some of the popular Thai dishes on our own has been something we’ve talked about since we got here, and we found a great teacher in Ploy!


Simple gas stove with a wok

Everything was very well prepared and we got to use some of the professional tricks of a chef by preparing all the ingredients before cooking the dishes in the wok.


Some local herbs and popular ingredients

We don’t need to eat anything more tonight, that’s for sure!

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