Oh, I treasure the moments!


Morning mix today

We have written about it before, the fact of our different personalities and the different “time zones” Anders and I usually have.
Both of us need space and time for ourselves, and we tend to find it and use it in various ways.


Morning under a coconut tree

Mornings usually are “my” time, and here in Thailand I’ve often taken walks, done yoga, read and had breakfast on my own.
This morning is no exception, and I just realized how much I treasure these moments. It was something I used to dream about years ago; to be able to start and spend my days in a very free way, doing what I really love to do – first thing in the morning. I created habits and schedules to make it possible when working, and now I am more free to do it however feels good at the time being.


Yesterday's morning walk

It’s the little things and moments that builds up a day, a week, a month and a life. How we decide to spend our time matters.


Afternoon on the beach the other day

We also love (luckily!!!) to spend time together – and those moments also become more important since we actually do take time to do things separately. It is a balance to play with.

Anders is now feeling better and today we have booked a very special tour to go on together in the afternoon.

What moments builds up your day?

2 thoughts on “Oh, I treasure the moments!

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